Nessa is a sweet young woman next door.  Lola is a shocking hight society starlet. The only thing they have in common is that they both write books. Naturally, their books are entirely different in themes and number of sold copies.

Nessa must kill Lola. Although, she might even let her live. Because as long as Lola is alive, Nessa is living a far more interesting life…

Adulteries, sexual affairs, wild club parties, kilograms of cocaine and litres of champagne, hidden identities. As well as journalists and politicians, all of therm are entwined in this suspensefull and funny story.

“Tenant” is an unusually successful blend of love novel, satire of contemporary society, cime story and psychological thriller. You have certainly never read anything alike. Not even a bit.


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Product details:

Title:   Tenant

Author:   Nora King

Publisher: ‎  My Book Cloud

Publication year:   2021.

Language:   ‎ English

Format:   PDF ebook

Number of pages:   290

ISBN 978-953-8406-02-7