Everything in the World




If you ever believed winning lottery would be amazing, think again.

Nora is an ordinary woman, living a slightly boring life. She breaks her daily monotony on the path from clerk position to rented apartment, with an occasional night out with her girlfriends. The millions she wins, open the door to Nora’s new and seamingly better life.

The new life brings new issues, doubt and fears as well. But also, some exciting love affairs. A tragic turn of events, makes her question her own beliefs, desires and hopes.

“Everything in the world” is an intense love story, which will keep you on your toes until the very last page. The writer skillfully creates and delivers a passionate love story of two young rich, but eventually unhappy people, whose lives are entwined with criminal, envy, misunderstandings and suspense.


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Product details:

Title:   Everything in the World

Author:   Nora King

Publisher: ‎  My Book Cloud

Publication year:   2021.

Language:   ‎ English

Format:   PDF ebook

Number of pages:   334

ISBN 978-953-8406-01-0