Fear of Flying




Nadia is surrendering to forbiden passion, while tortured by her own demons. She finds her salvations from them only in the arms of her pilot, who cannot be as near to her as she would like him to. Her wild temper and complex character, tortured with issues from her romantic past are holding her back on her way to complete surrender to her young soldier.

Two young smalltown people, from different parts of the world, find love in the land of contradictions. After two exciting weeks under the Arabic sun of Dubai, they are painfully aware how their relationship is reaching its expiration date.

Fear has always been Nadia’s constant companion. Entangled in anxieties and a dark secret she burried deep inside of her, she is aware of the contagion of her demonic fears. She does not wish to share them with her lover.

“Fear of Flying” is an unusual and tense love story about fears and prejudices that need to be discarded in order to be able to return to yourself, love and be loved.


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Product details:

Title:   Fear of Flying

Author:   Nora King

Publisher: ‎  My Book Cloud

Publication year:   2021.

Language:   ‎ English

Format:   PDF ebook

Number of pages:   425

ISBN 978-953-8406-00-3